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 "No Ads, No Mess ... Just music ... pure and simple!"

First time I have seen a web based Karaoke place for Hindi movie songs. Very impressive.  Awesome music with the lyrics.  Check out the Koi Kahe and Neele Neele Ambar Par tracks - fantastic!!!  Loved all the songs on the site.  Nice website, simple, easy to use interface for the player. Good luck!!

-- Dr. Nitin Hattangady, Pittsburgh USA
"Great News for All the Singers and Singers-to-be"

This is indeed a "dream-come-true" site for all those who aspire to become really good singers. Most people know they can sing, they just need some good encouragment and this is what this website does.

What is also great about the tracks is that you do not have to worry about when to start  and when to stop as the song track progresses. The color coded lyrics appear automatically! This really is an upside compared to other forms of Karoke tracks. In conventional tracks if you miss the start or start too early, it does not sound good and you do not look good either!

The music composed for these tracks is also phenomenal. Keep up the great work!

-- Dr. Pradeep Phule, Pittsburgh USA

"A wonderful experience!"

It's really a great experience, browsing through the wonderful Karaoke site. I am passionate about singing on Karaoke because I can keep up my music practices on my own. The off line karaoke tool is nice, which allows people to sing when they are not connected to net. Over all it's a wonderful learning experience.

With best wishes and thanks for launching a great karaoke site.

-- Deepak Bhatnagar, Hyderabad INDIA
"What a simplified karaoke system!"

It's truly a wonderful experience and I am so delighted to experience such simplified karaoke system.

-- Pranav Vora, Dubai UAE

"Great concept and good implementation"

Great job guys. The idea and design behind the presentation is terrific. The coded lyrics are a great help. It would be even nicer if you keep the music (the pace as well as the beats) close to the original. I am not much into hearing new tracks, so can comment only on the few old ones. The pace looks a little faster and seems to have beats, which weren't typical in the times then. Of course, it's only a suggestion. As you mention music is an art and hence should not have a fixed definition to it. What one likes is what is good. It would also be nice if you could put more Marathi songs.

-- Sachin Samant, Pittsburgh USA

"A great start. Looking forward for more songs."

Your site took me back into old days when most of
these songs were popular. I hope you are beefing up
your web server infrastructure because once the word
is out, there will be a traffic jam to get to your

-- Rahul Vadodkar, San Francisco USA

"So easy to use and homely!"

It was really great to see such a wonderful site.

-- Rahul Shrinivas, Mumbai INDIA

"The innovation and creativity will inspire many young minds!"

I commend highly the product and the site. The work clearly displays passion towards implementing a brilliant idea. This is the kind of innovation that can inspire many young minds all over the world. Great job, keep it up. I wish all the best to the team and the company. 

-- Manoj Patra, Bangalore INDIA

"You guys are really dedicated to good music"

I am impressed by the work you all are doing. I can barely find any good karaoke songs on the web. You guys are really dedicated to helping people experience good music.

-- Sunil Kamadolli, Bay Area USA

"Now you can sing with a virtual orchestra available on demand!"

WOW! What a great site and musical content. Congratulations. And best of all it's FREE!!! What a great service you are providing for music lovers. Especially for those who wan't to sing their "hearts out" in the privacy of their homes, (and of course in the public) accompanied with virtual orchestra playing "on demand"!

-- Ali Shah, Lahore PAKISTAN

"Hats Off to the Taranaa Team!!!"

This is simply awesome. An excellent job. I am a karaoke perfomer and this is of tremendous help to me.

-- Simhadri Santhebennur, Dayton NJ USA

"Wonderful job ... high quality"

You are doing wonderful job for those who are aspiring to become good stage singers.  All the karaoke tunes in your website are of high quality.  Thanks for the excellent job.  Keep it up.

-- Asha Anand, Attleboro MA USA

"Hope to visit this site often"

Your site is good ... but see to it that you segregate the songs according to their respective classification. Introduce some latest melodious songs ... thats what people are in search of. Great attempt to build this site.

-- Harpreet Singh J. Floray, Mumbai INDIA

"An invaluable source of music for amateur singers"

This is exactly what I had been looking for since such a long time!! Excellent job by the Taranaa.com team!! Keep it up! I am sure as the site progresses and new songs are added, it will be an invaluable source of music for amateur singers like me. Once again guys, keep up this excellent work and thanks for this wonderful website.

-- Rachit Parikh, New York NY USA

"The word WOW! comes to mind after visiting the site."

I buy karaoke music which is about $20.00 per CD (8 tracks). I would'nt mind paying for this service which is much more than what I am used to.

-- Aarik Khanna, Troy MI USA

"Marvelous Job Guys!!"

It is indeed a master piece of creativity, a great favour & help to amateur singers. No comments about the site and program as everything is simply the best!! Keep up the good work and all the best for your success.

Please keep your site non-commercial and free of Ads & Spam. It will be a great favour to all amateur singers.

-- Naved Ansari, Abu Dhabi UAE

"A great site for music lovers."

This site is useful as I can practice the songs before I sing on stage. It has a wide variety of songs too. Keep up the good work! Wishing you lots of success in future.

-- Rupa Patel, London UK

"Keep up the good work!"

This is by far the most professional Hindi Karaoke site I have come across. Please add some more new songs.

-- R. Baqir, Sanford FL USA

"I appreciate your efforts"

You people are doing a good job, I really appreciate it, but I'll like to add one thing. If possible try to allow scale changes while playing the songs because each singer has a different scale.

-- Kiran Patil, Aurangabad Maharashtra INDIA

"The music is just like the original"

Thanks for your wonderul collection of Hindi karaoke. I just love your website and have recommended it to many of my friends! This is the first hindi karaoke website without all the junk ads and pop-ups! The music is also wonderful, just like the original song! Keep up the good work and hoping to get more songs in future. Can you add a feature, where you can change the scale of the music?

-- Devleena Shivkumar, Santa Barbara California USA

"Very Good!"

I am happy about your services

-- Gurjeet Saggu, Jamshedpur Jharkhand INDIA

"We had a great Karaoke Party!"

Excellent Web site.  Kudos to entire Taranaa Team.  Me and my friends really enjoyed the Karaoke Party we held using your site. Please put more oldies there too. Best wishes for the year 2005.

-- Firoz Kassam, Toronto Ontario CANADA

"I salute the Taranaa Team!"

What a great site! What a great job.

-- Arif Ali Syed, Missisauga Ontario CANADA

"Beautiful!  Your tracks are beautiful."

I appreciate your efforts a lot. I am not a karaoke singer.  But I play songs on my guitar. The blessings of all the music lovers will be there for you.  Keep the nice job going on for years to come.

-- Rajiv Nelleri, Novi MI USA

"I quite enjoyed your site."

It is a wonderful idea.

-- Bob Adhar, Sydney AUSTRALIA

"This is really a wish come true."

I was just surfing the net when I got to see this wonderful site.

-- Anjali Singwi, Gurgaon Haryana INDIA

"This is simply amazing and uncomparable"

A nice encouragement for bathroom singers like me to come up on the stage and sing... Another nice thing is you guys actually check the requests and post them pretty soon... Thanks a lot.

-- Kalpesh Upadhye, Pitsburgh PA USA

"The Best Hindi Karaoke site"

This is the best site as far as online Hindi Karaoke is concerned.
Thank you.

-- Raj Choudhry, Toronto ON CANADA

"Unbelievable quality!"

When I logged into your website, I thought this is another midi karaoke site. But I took interest and downloaded both the TKP and java program. I couldn't believe myself when I played the tracks. They are so good in quality. I am glad to find this site.

-- Ramprasad Shirankallu, Bangalore Karnataka INDIA

"I listen to Taranaa.com everyday!"

-- Shruthi Kamath, Mt. Roskill Auckland NEW ZEALAND

"I love Taranaa. It is just perfect !!!"

I practice a lot of songs on Taranaa.com and I really love this thing you have done. It is just perfect. You guys have done a wonderful job. Keep it up.

-- Madhavi Patel, Bellflower California USA 

"This site came to me as blessing in disguise."

Its a really very good site for beginners. I would like to suggest in some tracks the music is loud and the voice can't be heard as in case of neele neele ambar par. I would like to thank the Taranaa Team for its wonderful job. We would like some more song tracks to be added. Thank you once again

-- Saraswathidevi Sundarakrishna, Bangalore Karnataka INDIA


I really appreciate your ideas and efforts to bring out such a smooth operational site for all the karaoke lovers all over the world. I was amazed to see users from various corners of the world. Its worth the wait as you have no clue how many hours I spent trying to find some hindi karaoke tracks on the net. But I guess itz TARANAA.. GOOD MUSIC, GOOD SOFTWARE, GOOD SITE. LOVE YOU GUYS FOR ALL THE WORK YOU PUT IN. I shall be a regular and hope some day will load one of my songs to be the star of the week.. keep the good work going

-- J. S. Kalyan Chakravarty Dubai UAE

"You have helped me move my dream forward "

I have always had a pasion for singing eversince I played the harmonium and Tabla drums from the age of 16. Now at the ripe old age of 50 you have helped me move my dream forward with the help of this wonderful site. I feel the audio visual part is excellent but when mixed via a sound mixing processers/ amplifier and with added echo it makes a wonderful tool for an excellent karaoke party. Well done indeed. I will carry on using the site to practice and update songs  which I have requested.


 "We hope to see more songs on the list"

We think the tracks put up on your site are absolutely brilliant. This is a brilliant idea for people who want to perform on stage. This will defnitely be a hit among College / University students around the world, who would like to perform some lovely Hindi numbers. Congratulations!!!

Suroop Mohan Chandran on behalf of
ANKUR - Indian Graduate Students Association
University of Pittsburgh,
PIttsburgh, USA

If you would like to post a message, please write to feedback @ taranaa.com